Forever and Always Collection (Romance Boxed Set) - E. L. Todd

Forever and Always Collection (Romance Boxed Set)

By E. L. Todd

  • Release Date: 2014-12-26
  • Genre: Contemporary
4 Score: 4 (From 219 Ratings)


From bestselling author, E. L. Todd, comes the limited edition Forever and Always Collection, books 1-3.

Sean and Scarlet aren’t exactly an ideal relationship. Stupidity and selfishness on Sean’s part lead him to hurt Scarlet over and over again. Scarlet’s naivety and ignorance doesn’t help matters. But in the midst of all the angst is one of the greatest love stories of all time, full of laughter and love, and tears that will make your eyes glisten.

Only For You:

When Scarlet realized Penelope was dumping Sean, her best friend, she was devastated. Penelope was the love of his life, the woman of his dreams. Scarlet knew how far her best friend was going to fall and she had to catch him. Scarlet became Sean’s rock and helped him through a very painful breakup, but her own hidden desires bubbled to the surface in the process. When they finally gave in and slept together, she thought it was the start of their new relationship. Unfortunately, Sean didn’t feel the same.

Humiliated and heartbroken, Scarlet moved across the country and found what she least expected. She rekindled her damaged relationship with her brother, who she hadn’t spoken to in a year, and her brother’s best friend was attractive and interesting. Their relationship was natural and unforced, and she was immediately drawn to him. Would she be able to get over Sean, forget about him, by sleeping with Cortland, or would that just be another repeated mistake?

Forever and Always:

Now that Sean and Scarlet are together, Scarlet couldn't be happier. They were meant for each other and would make any sacrifice to be together. With her greatest friend as her new lover, their relationship was perfect. But when Sean asks her to move back to New York, she hesitates. She doesn't want to leave her brother after finally reconnecting with him so they agree to make the coast-to-coast trip every weekend. Scarlet wants Sean to move to Seattle but she knows he can't leave his job for her. Scarlet fears that Sean still loves Penelope even though she never questions him about it. When Penelope shows up at Sean's apartment pregnant and penniless, Sean has to decide what he really wants. Will a baby interfere with the happiness that Scarlet has recently found?

Edge of Love:

Sean and Scarlet are finally blissfully happy together. Their past is behind them forever. But after Sean and Scarlet travel to Connecticut to reveal their engagement, tensions escalate, family secrets are revealed, and an unexpected visitor ruins the weekend. When they return to Seattle, Scarlet refuses to get married at his family estate, which infuriates Sean. Their arguments escalate until another secret is revealed.

Scarlet is full of regret when she realizes she hurt Sean and broke his trust. For the first time, Scarlet is responsible for the pain and the hurt of their relationship. Is Sean’s love just as unconditional as he claims? Will he able to forgive Scarlet for her betrayal just like she forgave him?


  • Editor character with poor grammar

    By Reader77256
    I found it ironic that the female lead is supposed to be an editor, but the author doesn't know the difference between I and me -- nor the correct tenses of "to lay". The story is repetitive and without purpose. Don't waste your time.
  • Awesome Series

    By Neonracer1997
    This is a new author for me. Although it seemed to have started out very slow, she drew me in and kept me interested. This isn't my typical read, but still enjoyed it. I love seeing the hero and heroine go through their turmoil and come out stronger. The ups and downs, to leave me on a down and gotta get the next two books. The author did an awesome job writing this about as realistic as a true relationship can be. Awesome job and definitely a recommended series.
  • If I could give less than one star I would

    By Joseyboyles1994
    This book is horribly repetitive, has hard to follow characters and is just not well written. Don't waste your time on this book. It's free for a reason.
  • Wow

    By Air penguin groupie
    Wow is the best word I can use to describe this. It had so many ups and downs. I can't believe how many twists. Especially at the end. I need to know what happens.
  • Great series

    By Mandi1909
    I could not put this set down. I was hooked from the beginning. Scarlet and Sean and the whole crew are real and interesting to read. Can't wait to read the rest!
  • Good and bad

    By Unfortunately deceiving
    Good characters, excellent story. Read three box set. Ended in worst cliffhanger I've ever come across.
  • Juvenile Characters

    By Kid RN
    I really wanted to like this book, but the characters were very immature and the story was disorganized at times. It was very hard to even like Sean and Scarlet most of the time. At some points the story was boring and seemed to drag on. Then at other times the characters feelings changed so quickly it wasn't believable. Some of the character's actions were so ridiculous (I still want to marry you, but can't stand to be with you right now, really?) I can't imagine spending a single dollar to read any more of their story.
  • Indulging and romantic

    By IamTaahira👑
    I love this collection... I've been reading stories for a long time and this is the first time I couldn't put the book down.
  • Got boring

    By Kblondie212
    First 2 book were ok but by the 3rd book I was bored of these characters. So many miscommunications and other unrealistic scenarios.
  • Face. Palm.

    By BookieLyon87
    Lacking structure, disorganized & at times inconsistent narration. Annoying lead characters