Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Enhanced Edition) - Games Workshop

Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Enhanced Edition)

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2015-07-18
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies


For centuries uncounted the Mortal Realms have languished under the yoke of Chaos. From the burning plains of Aqshy and the steel mountains of Chamon to the putrefied forests of Ghyran and the beast dens of Ghur, the Ruinous Powers reign supreme.
Yet the Dark Gods’ triumph remains incomplete. The Realm of Azyr resists their armies, the God-King Sigmar holding back the hellforged tide. Now the Age of Chaos is coming to an end, for the Stormcast Eternals are ready for war. Thunder echoes across the realms, heralding the beginning of a new era – the Age of Sigmar!
Warhammer Age of Sigmar provides a wealth of background on the Mortal Realms, their many races and their long history of war and conflict. Inside you will:

• Find tales of the Age of Myth, Sigmar’s pantheon and the great deeds done during this time of legends.
• Learn of the Age of Chaos, the coming of the Dark Gods and the wars that saw the Mortal Realms reduced to ruin.
• Discover new battles as the Age of Sigmar dawns and the Stormcast Eternals arrive to push back the forces of Chaos.
• Forge your own legends during the Age of Sigmar with a selection of Warscrolls, Battleplans and Time of War rules.

This Enhanced Edition is exclusive to iBooks and contains a host of special features to help you navigate the mortal realms and begin your adventures in the Age of Sigmar:
• 360-degree views of a huge range of Citadel Miniatures
• Interactive timelines
• Pop-out full screen artwork
• Scrollable maps