THE BURGH - J. F. Campbell


By J. F. Campbell

  • Release Date: 2015-07-15
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


John Francis Campbell was a Scottish author, mostly known as a collector of folklore.
 “The Burgh” is a Scottish short story, entered in the “Popular Tales of the West Highlands” collection. The tale is about the four, named Domhnull MacGhilleathain, Domhnull MacantSaoir, Calum MacNill, and Domhnull Domhnullach, who are watching cattle in Baileburgh. One day on a pasture-land they meet a dog. Calum MacNill says that they should strike the dog. Domhnull MacGhilleathain says, "We will not strike. If thou strikest him thou wilt repent it." Calum MacNill strikes the dog, and his hand and his arm lose their power. Read the old Scottish legend to know, how will the story end.
Start your acquaintance with the Scottish culture with the “Popular Tales of the West Highlands” collection! Enjoy the reading!