Fast Facts for the Cardiac Surgery Nurse, Second Edition - Tanya Hodge MS, RN, CNS, CCRN

Fast Facts for the Cardiac Surgery Nurse, Second Edition

By Tanya Hodge MS, RN, CNS, CCRN

  • Release Date: 2015-10-14
  • Genre: Nursing


This handy clinical guide provides speedy access to information and guidelines cardiac surgery nurses need to know and use daily. It covers all aspects of care from preoperative to recovery, with an emphasis on prevention and management of postoperative complications—an area where nurses can really make a difference and improve care. The second edition is completely revised and updated, with such highlights as new coverage of risk factors for stroke, thoracic aortic aneurysms, and congenital heart disease, and updates on new surgical techniques and devices. New illustrations help to clarify crucial information and tables are reorganized to emphasize commonly used medications.

The second edition retains all of the expedient features of the Fast Facts guides, including Fast Facts in a Nutshell boxes delineating especially important content, chapter introductions and objectives, short, easy-to-read chapters, and a convenient pocket size. The heart of the book focuses on post-op complications and nursing interventions to prevent and treat them. The book’s five sections are comprised of the Preoperative Period, the Intraoperative Period, the Immediate Postoperative Period, the Extended Postoperative Period, and the Recovery Period, including discharge and long-term rehabilitation. Each section includes nursing considerations and patient education topics. Nurse-sensitive indicators and strategies for improving nursing care are featured throughout. The resource will be highly valuable to new graduates and nurses who are considering a switch to cardiac care, and will reinforce the knowledge of seasoned practitioners.

New to the Second Edition:
Updates including new surgical techniques and devices Additional graphics to increase reader comprehension Modifications to tables for ease of access to information New sections on thoracic aortic aneurysms and congenital heart disease New chapter on stroke with a focus on postoperative treatment options
Key Features: Delivers a handy pocket reference for new and experienced cardiac care nurses Organized for easy access to equipment, procedures, and pre- and post-op specialty care Includes Fast Facts in a Nutshell delivery of timely content Formatted in short paragraphs packed with timely and accessible information