The Secret of the Ages - Robert Collier

The Secret of the Ages

By Robert Collier

  • Release Date: 2015-11-19
  • Genre: Spirituality


This book, more than any other since the Bible, lays out the simple Truth behind the apparent mysteries of the world in such convincing and compelling detail that the reader is left physically empowered, emotional super-charged and ready to take on the world, its challenges, and all-comers. In particular, Robert Collier gifts us with an infallible, no-nonsense, ever-ready blueprint for a successful, meaningful, abundant life. His techniques for effortlessly and permanently removing aches, pains, stresses and worries of all type are so immediately useful and so instantly successful that the willing reader comprehends at once-and for ever-the deep, powerful, ever-flowing connection between the conscious and subconscious mind and can swiftly progress to a thorough understanding of how to achieving perfect everlasting health. Big claims indeed, but Collier delivers.

What makes a New Thought classic? Obviously most of these books are delivering the exact same message. Collier here demonstrates a combination of factors which seems to win over readers: a folksy style, lots of inspirational quotes, particularly from the Bible, and, most of all, constant repetition of the theme that you, too, can tap the power of the Infinite, and get healthy and rich just by instructing your unconscious mind to do so.