There's Treasure Everywhere - Bill Watterson

There's Treasure Everywhere

By Bill Watterson

  • Release Date: 1996-03-01
  • Genre: Humor
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 116 Ratings)


In the world that Calvin and his tiger Hobbes share, treasures can be found in the most unlikely places, from the outer regions where Spaceman Spiff travels to the rocks in the backyard—this curious duo roams their world in search of fortunes (and misfortunes!) to be experienced.

On his own, Calvin is prey to the insidious killer bicycle, is the arbiter of the Dad poll, is the creator of a legion of snowmen who provide an incisive social commentary, and Hobbes is always there as the perfect companion.

Watterson's talent is evidenced by the range of thought-provoking emotions the strip encompasses in addition to the laughs it induces: the loyalty and friendship between Calvin and Hobbes, the challenge of being a patient parent, and the sardonic viewpoint of a cynical six-year-old ("I'm a 21st-century kid trapped in a 19th-century family," laments Calvin) combine to make this one of the best-loved strips in cartoon history.


  • Pretty good

    By Supratibh
    Bill Waterson is a smart guy when it comes to writing jokes. But there are a few complicated words.
  • Always appreciated Calvin and Hobbes

    By Ohhhh aight
    Thank you sincerely for this book!
  • Good job

    By Crazy CRO
    I liked how it took a few days to read. I thought it was pretty good. My name is Chance Orterry. Me and my brothers thought it was funny. Shamus hasn't read the book but he's read lots of Calvin and Hobbes books. I think you guys should write more Calvin and Hobbes books. Thank you so much for making the books.I really like them all. I would like to read them all. I think you guys did a good job. Sincerely, Chance Orterry.