The Prose Edda - Snorri Sturluson

The Prose Edda

By Snorri Sturluson

  • Release Date: 2016-02-08
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


The Prose Edda, also known as the Younger Edda, Snorri's Edda (Icelandic: Snorra Edda) or simply Edda, is the most renowned of all works of Scandinavian literature and our most extensive source for Norse mythology. Written in Iceland a century after the close of the Viking Age, it tells ancient stories of the Norse creation epic and recounts the battles that follow as gods, giants, dwarves and elves struggle for survival. It also preserves the oral memory of heroes, warrior kings and queens. 

In clear prose interspersed with powerful verse, the Edda provides unparalleled insight into the gods' tragic realization that the future holds one final cataclysmic battle, Ragnarok, when the world will be destroyed. 

These tales have proved to be among the most influential of all myths and legends, inspiring modern works as diverse as Wagner's Ring Cycle and Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Together with the Poetic Edda, the Prose Edda comprises the major store of pagan Scandinavian mythology. The work is often assumed to have been written, or at least compiled, by the Icelandic scholar and historian Snorri Sturluson around the year 1220. 

This new edition of the Edda includes an image gallery showcasing art inspired by the Edda from Lorenz Frølich, W.G. Collingwood, Georg von Rosen, Elmer Boyd Smith and other renowned artists.