Once Craved (a Riley Paige Mystery—Book 3) - Blake Pierce

Once Craved (a Riley Paige Mystery—Book 3)

By Blake Pierce

  • Release Date: 2016-05-23
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 847 Ratings)


“A masterpiece of thriller and mystery! The author did a magnificent job developing characters with a psychological side that is so well described that we feel inside their minds, follow their fears and cheer for their success. The plot is very intelligent and will keep you entertained throughout the book. Full of twists, this book will keep you awake until the turn of the last page.” --Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone)

ONCE CRAVED is book #3 in the bestselling Riley Paige mystery series, which begins with ONCE GONE (Book #1)--a free download with over 100 five star reviews!

When prostitutes turn up dead in Phoenix, not much attention is paid. But when a pattern of disturbing murders is discovered, the local police soon realize a serial killer is on a rampage and they are in way over their heads. Given the unique nature of the crimes, the FBI, called in, knows they will need their most brilliant mind to crack the case: Special Agent Riley Paige.

Riley, recovering from her last case and trying to pick up the pieces of her life, is at first reluctant. But when she learns of the grievous nature of the crimes and realizes the killer will soon strike again, she is compelled. She begins her hunt for the elusive killer and her obsessive nature takes her too far—perhaps too far, this time, to pull herself back from the brink. 

Riley’s search leads her into the unsettling world of prostitutes, of broken homes, and shattered dreams. She learns that, even amongst these women, there are glimpses of hope, hope being robbed by a violent psychopath. When a teenage girl is abducted, Riley, in a frantic race against time, struggles to probe the depths of the killer’s mind. But what she discovers leads her to a twist that is too shocking for even her to imagine.

A dark psychological thriller with heart-pounding suspense, ONCE CRAVED is book #3 in a riveting new series—with a beloved new character—that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Books #4-#17 are also available!


  • Books 1 and 2 makes this book a let down

    By leenaluv66
    After reading books one and two, I was sure I was going to read the whole series. But after reading book 3, I feel I won’t even bother with the rest.
  • Once Craved

    By Mmm meggie
    Sad that this author did not do any research or take the time to develop her characters. Nothing in the story is remotely believable. Characters are shallow, their behavior as "expert" profilers with FBI are laughable. Also sad that the author wastes her talent as I believe she knows how to write and to a degree manage dialogue. I feel ripped off to spend $5.00 on this mess of a FBI "thriller."
  • Mistakes

    By Auntcece
    Good book. Good story. I was surprised that there were so many errors in printing. Words in sentences missing. Grammatical errors ! Someone else needs to be the proofreader before these novels go to print!
  • Once craved

    By dcevd reader
    The book itself was good but there were many blank pages that were numbered as part of the book contents. So ultimately your paying for only 2/3 of a book. When I go to buy a book I look for not only the interest I have for book but also the number of pages it has to make it worth buying. I feel deceived!🤨
  • Unbelievably Good

    By Chasingoldmanrunningyo
    Had me holding my breath through most of the book. Just love this series!
  • Once Craved

    By Scov2
    Just purchased book 4 in the Riley Paige series. I'm addicted to these stories!! They're truly thrillers from page 1 to the end!!
  • Ending was a let down

    By Shaydee101
    This is book #3 in the series. With the other two books we get more insight into the killers mind and motive behind their actions. With this one theres no backstory for the killer. You spend time reading and look to understand the killer and we get nothing as far as a backstory or uncovering of a motive. It was disappointing for me compared to the other two books.
  • Great read. Have enjoyed series

    By Jarretsh
    Have read 1-4 in series enjoyed them all characters well developed looking forward to 4 And 5
  • Once Craved

    By FuryUnleashedRider
    Once Gone, Once Taken & One Craved. Riveting, great character detail and an excellent view into what it is actually like to be a profiler. I was one over 50 years ago. I could not put down any of the 3 books in this series. I read all 3 books in 3 days.
  • A must read

    By Lovely revenge
    Once you read these books you will just keep wanting more and more.