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  • Gwendys Button Box

    By #Dungda8
    Great read! Captured my attention to the very end. Found the ending very surprising. Can’t wait to read sequel
  • Seems Familiar

    By Pimpsons
    There was a Twilight Zone episode called “Button Button” I believe. Years later it became a movie. In it a couple receive a box with a red button by a nicely dressed man. Push it and get lots of money but someone has to pay the price. This book reminds me of that episode but there’s a lot more to this box. This book is the first of three and a bit charming. I highly enjoyed it. Easy read with only 180 pages.
  • Gwendys button box

    By michael andrew long
    Very pleasing
  • Spellbounding!!

    By Pilot 86
    Excellent read!
  • Loved it! Page turner!

    By Kubb112
    Read it all at once. Kept my interest from the first to the last page.
  • Short,but sweet.

    By Sassenger4
    As mush as I’d prefer to read the entire story as a whole, this side story of TDT brings me back to a familiar world. I am grateful for the opportunity to revisit this place.
  • Button box

    By Am book reader
    This was an enjoyable novella, worth getting it on the sale price and a quick interesting read.
  • Cool short story

    By Sdfrdeghfrjed
    Quick read. Pretty decent
  • Amazing novel

    By ChrisMoore96
    Such an amazing and outstanding novel that puts you on the edge of your seat! I bought the book and finished it in a few hours I couldn’t put it down! It was like I was Gwendy and I was staring down the button box. Highly recommend this novel!
  • This book is the best!

    By prettyoddbklyn
    There was so many good parts and it never got boring! There was always a scene that you just wanted to keep reading and read more. So good and it’s not a that scary which is good in my opinion!! Great book you should definitely check it out!❤️