Nikon D7500 Experience - Douglas Klostermann

Nikon D7500 Experience

By Douglas Klostermann

  • Release Date: 2017-08-30
  • Genre: Photography


Nikon D7500 Experience goes beyond the manual to help you learn the features, settings, and controls of this sophisticated and highly customizable camera. Plus most importantly it explains how, when and why to use the camera's basic and advanced features, settings, and controls in your photography.

This clear, concise, and comprehensive guide will help you learn to use your D7500 quickly and competently, to consistently make the types of images you desire. Take control of your camera and the photos you create!

This e-book is designed for intermediate and enthusiast dSLR photographers who wish to take fuller advantage of the capabilities of their camera and shoot competently in A, S, and M shooting modes; take full control of the versatile 51 point autofocus system; and learn how, when, and why to use and customize the various controls, buttons, touch screen, and features of the D7500 for both viewfinder and Live View shooting.

For experienced photographers moving up to the D7500, this guide explains the new and advanced features in order to quickly have you taking advantage of these capabilities, including the 51-point AF system and its AF Modes, AF-Area Modes, and Custom Settings. Plus it covers exposure and Metering Modes, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Live View shooting, and guides you through all the Menu and Custom Setting items to help you set up the camera for your shooting needs.

This guide focuses on still-photography with a detailed introduction of the movie menus and settings to get you up and running with 4K and HD video. Sections include:

-Setting Up Your D7500: All of the D7500 Custom Settings and Playback, Photo Shooting, and Setup Menus, with explanations and recommended settings to set up and customize the advanced features to work best for the way you photograph.

-Autofocusing Modes and AF-Area Modes, Release Modes: Learn the AF Modes, AF-Area Modes, and AF Custom Settings, how they differ, how and when to take advantage of them to capture both still and moving subjects. Includes back-button focusing.

-Aperture Priority (A), Shutter Priority (S), and Manual (M) Modes: How and when to use them to create dramatic depth of field, freeze or express motion, or take total control over exposure settings.

-Exposure Metering Modes: How they differ, how and when to use them for correct exposures in every situation.

-Histograms, Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, and White Balance: Understanding and using these features for adjusting to the proper exposure in challenging lighting situations.

-The Image Taking Process: Descriptive tutorials for using the settings and controls to take photos of both still and moving subjects.

-Intro to Video Settings: Explanations of the settings, features, and options for HD and 4K video.

-Composition: Tips and techniques.

-Lenses: Compatible lenses and Nikon lens notations.

-Photography Accessories: Useful accessories for the D7500 and for dSLR photography.

What Readers are Saying about the author's previous Nikon guides:

This is the most helpful manual I've ever used. No serious Nikon user should be without this. I find myself referring back to this book quite often - very easy to find what I need and even easier to understand.

This is A Pro Right There with You - If you want to get the camera up and running with the feeling of a pro right there with you then I would strongly recommend it. His explanation is first class. All in all a great read.
-Tim S.

All I Need - I have been using Nikon dSLR cameras for many years. In all this time I have never come across a publication which complements the rather soulless and complex user manual so well. Your excellent work is all I need to exploit the potential of this amazing dSLR.
-Martin D.