Malificent's Return - Jessica G.Rabbit

Malificent's Return

By Jessica G.Rabbit

  • Release Date: 2017-04-03
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables


Mt. Draco Cubicle- Present Day
“Are you sure we are in the right cave ?” Jermaine asked Fauna, the green fairy, as he followed behind her closely. He watching as she nimbly walked through the dark, rocky, narrow cave entrance while using her wand’s bright green light as her lantern.
Jermaine had been assigned to her six years ago as her personal bodyguard. Fauna had always been busy with him on different botany and horticulture treks, but they had never had to travel this far. To Jermaine, it felt like they had traveled to the end of the world. He hated to admit it, but he was anxious. When the Queen had initially told him that he would be escorting and protecting her sister from the great and powerful Maleficent he had been astounded and shocked that the powerful witch had not been a story and was still alive. It took everything in him not to ask to be reassigned. He had never met or fought a dragon and didn’t think he would be up to the challenge. He was quite happy reporting boring news to Queen Flores, who insisted that Fauna wakes her and that he go with her since he had been protecting her all this time. Jermaine trusted his Queen’s judgment, he just wished he knew all of the particular details of this mission.
“Oh J, stop being such a scaredy cat, she is asleep.” Fauna said with a smile in her voice. She thought her bodyguard's fear was silly.
“And why are we waking her again, Your Majesty?” He inquired, hoping she would tell him what her sister had not.
“Because someone has found a way to use her curse.”
Jermaine hadn’t known it was this serious.
“Why haven’t you told the others?”
“Because my sister thinks the council won’t listen to reason.She fears by the time we do convince them it will be too late, and by then we will have a national emergency on our hands.”
They walked on.
“How do you know she is in here?”
“Because I used a locator spell from this.” With her free hand, she pulled out a small silver looking-glass from the left back pocket of the khaki pants she wore. “This was hers.”
“Once you wake her what will she be able to do to help?”
“Hopefully she will be able to stop it, or at least tell us how to.”
“Maleficent? The witch who can turn into a large, fire-breathing dragon, Maleficent? The one who swore to kill all three of you…” He trailed off when he saw that she was smiling at him.
She laughed. Her laugh always seemed to make him feel as if he were in the middle of a fresh green meadow in springtime.
They walked on. It was dark and cold. It smelled dank and stagnate. Fauna could feel Maleficent’s presence. She kept walking onward. Jermaine was too scared to move. Fauna noticed and commented.
“Are you coming or not?”
“Suit yourself.” Fauna said as she walked further into the darkness of the cave.