Case Files of   The MDI Agency - Denise Larson

Case Files of The MDI Agency

By Denise Larson

  • Release Date: 2017-10-09
  • Genre: Children's Fiction


Ashley Barnes and her best friend Elisabeth “Lizard” May Martin have their own detective agency on Mount Desert Island—MDI—off the coast of Maine. Their best client is Estelle “Essie,” who lives in a rest home but is always busy sending the two teens to do what she was afraid to do herself or answering questions that have baffled her for many years. Local history gets mixed in with the mysteries, and they call on a couple of other elderly but sharp residents of the rest home, Double-A Duo Arthur and Albert, and friends Tyler and Nathan to help solve a few cases, all the while avoiding Bobby Walker, aka Cigar Man, who smokes like a campfire made with green wood and dogs their investigations like mosquitoes after a spring rain.
The young sleuths spend a year on MDI as they satisfy Essie’s resolve to set things right for herself and her best friend, Hannah. In doing so, the teens and their elderly client summon back memories of Hannah, who left Bar Harbor many years before, and perhaps the spirit of Hannah herself. The detectives find something for themselves too—realization of how important they are to each other—friendship forever.