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  • Never Stop Looking - Great New Crime Team

    By Lakewaco
    The first book of more to follow. Great story of murders solved after years of trying to find the trust. Renee and Bosch are the new team and they are persistent.
  • Renee &Harry

    By Am book reader
    Perfect together. Another Connelly hit. I never get tired of Harry.
  • Dark sacred night

    By queenlomi
    I enjoyed it thoroughly and thought the mix of Bosch and Ballard very good
  • VERY Disappointed

    By RajaDafozy
    This should have been advertised as a Ballard novel......Bosch was just passing thru....definitely not up to snuff...if you are a Harry Bosch fan I wouldn’t recommend.
  • Phoned it In

    By DenverTwin
    I own almost every book Michael Connelly has ever written. I was so very disappointed with this one. Neither character drew me in. Bosch doesn’t feel like the same character anymore. Ballard’s blatant disregard for her own safety just doesn’t cut it. It was like Connelly had forgotten all police procedures he has written over the past two decades. Overall, the book was choppy. Maybe he’s too busy on the set of Bosch. Either way, it feels like he just phoned this one in without filling out the characters. I hope the next one is better.
  • Detective Ballard Returns!

    By KimRN30
    Welcome back, Renee! Another great one!
  • Another Great One!

    By dks918
    I hope there is another. I hope that this is the beginning of the Ballard and Bosch series…They are a good team...

    By AutisticFish
    Omg this book was so good. Believe it or not I haven’t read a book in years and it was soothing to read one I really enjoyed. Yeet
  • Outstanding!

    By Catchbigfish
    I love this new pairing, and can't wait to see where this partnership leads. Harry Bosch is on of the best characters in fiction and now he has a new partner in Ballard that matches his determination to ensure no victim is forgotten and everyone matters.
  • Great Read, Interesting Plot

    By SS in VA
    I this book, Bosch works with a woman Detective, Ballard. The back and forth of his action then hers makes for very interesting reading. I really enjoyed it. Keep them coming!