Blades of Ash: An Unbreakable Sword Series Prequel - S. M. Schmitz

Blades of Ash: An Unbreakable Sword Series Prequel

By S. M. Schmitz

  • Release Date: 2018-01-26
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables


When Olympus is destroyed, the Tuatha Dé and their Greek allies want revenge. But what their vengeance costs may haunt them forever.

Badb, one of the triune of Irish war goddesses known as the Mórrígna, is having a rough millennium: the mortals of Ireland have turned away from the Tuatha Dé, and now, the Sumerians have launched a disastrous invasion into Olympus.

Worse, the reason for the invasion isn't as straightforward as they first thought. With powerful players stoking the flames between the Irish alliance and their enemies, both sides may ultimately lose everything, including their own worlds.

Blades of Ash is a prequel novella to The Unbreakable Sword series and can be read before or after the series.

Books in The Unbreakable Sword series:

Shadows of the Gods
Cities of the Gods
Treasures of the Gods
Battle of the Gods

Also available as The Complete Unbreakable Sword Series Box Set