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  • I couldn’t put it down!

    By PixeeDancer
    I read this book in 1 week and now I’m hooked.
  • Decent at best, unnecessarily detailed and boring at worst

    By B.Dodd
    The first half of this history is enjoyable and tells enjoyable storylines. Aegon the conquerors tale through the old king Jaeharys is quite enthralling. The remaining half gets lost in an endless cycle of succession wars and conflict, which is only made worse by the unfathomable amount of lesser lords and ladies that come and go throughout this era.
  • The endless history of…

    By odo127
    No real dialogue. No color. Is this just the screenplay for the series? Like reading a (fake) history book. Sorry.
  • The keys to the bloody Targaryen past in Westeros

    By Lord Griffin of GriffinHall
    A must read to understand the Targaryen traditions and give you the history of how Kings Landing originated
  • Rubbish

    By Angdee
    How about finishing game of thrones instead
  • GOT is the GOAT

    By Aoberes8
    Love GRRM books
  • Amazing

    By 3alyafff
    I love his writing :’) so beautiful
  • A great addition to the series we’ve come to love so much!

    By ThatGuy1966
    A fantastic read. I loved every page.
  • 700 pages of nonsense

    By OU_Goof
    I love Game of Thrones. This book took me nearly a year to finish. The first 100-150 pages are decent, about Aegon the Conquerer, and gives decent back story regarding things in the series. The rest is written like a giant run-on sentence with characters who don’t matter and have names so similar, that even if they did matter, you can’t keep them straight. I gave this two stars and I’m not mad that I read it, but this could have been much better.
  • Meh

    By Martell_Mania
    Tries to create a Silmarillion-like mythos. Fails. Doesn’t even broach the days leading to Robert’s Rebellion. Only successfully points out that Targaryen’s are fickle, freakish, incestous weirdos-whose only real power comes from the fact that for a time, they have a bigger gun.