The Falls - Anna Durand

The Falls

By Anna Durand

  • Release Date: 2013-12-13
  • Genre: Paranormal


Never chase a naked man through a waterfall.

When Lindsey stumbles onto a dead body, she thinks her day can't get any crazier. Then she sees a gorgeous naked man fleeing the scene, and an impulse she can't explain propels her to pursue the stranger -- straight through a waterfall and into a parallel world.

Revelations abound, but one question plagues Lindsey. Should she risk her heart for a romance with a sexy man who lives in a magical realm beyond her imagining?

The Falls is the short story that inspired the award-winning, bestselling Undercover Elementals series of paranormal romances. Dive into the darker, hotter novel version of this world in The Mortal Falls and The Mortal Fires.