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The 4-Hour Body Summary

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  • Release Date: 2018-06-13
  • Genre: Study Aids


by Timothy Ferriss - An Incredible Summary - An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman.

Timothy (Tim) Ferriss is a human guinea pig and an advocate of the quantified-self movement. He uses every metric possible to measure his performance, his blood test results, his hormones, his sleep, his heart rate. His research has led him to publish this book, The 4-Hour body.

Tim Ferriss suggests various solutions to the ‘calorie in calorie out’ problem and to help cope up with the effects of overeating. He says that with his diet, instead of gaining weight, you can get rid of fat. It includes a diet of garlic, grape fruit juice, tea extracts and cheesecake, among other foods.

Tim says that most diet and exercise rules are often bendable or even outright wrong. The 4-Hour Body suggests several guidelines to bend these rules and still maintain a perfect body. Tim Ferriss has tested his out-of-the-box techniques to lose fat, gain muscle, live healthier, live longer, run faster, jump higher and much more.

The book was compiled by researching the results of studies from over 100 PhDs, as well as input from athletes and trainers. Tim offers a shortcut to minimize the waiting process and avoid the often decade-long process of research reaching the common man. It is like a sneak peek into the future and the possibilities are immense, but one will have to have faith in the unconventional wisdom that this book puts forth. 
Pareto’s distribution is an important concept to keep in mind while going through this book. Vilfredo Pareto said that to get 80% of the results, you have to put in 20% of the effort. And to get the last 20% of the results, you have to invest the last 80% of the effort.  Tim says that it is probably more like a 95/03 principle where by putting the right 3% of work, you can get 95% of results. The 4-Hour body is about that 3% of work that is needed to improve your body. He also encourages readers to pick and choose which chapters are most beneficial for them to get the desired results.

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