Witch Like Legends (Next Gen Season 1: Episode 1) - Olivia Hardin

Witch Like Legends (Next Gen Season 1: Episode 1)

By Olivia Hardin

  • Release Date: 2018-10-02
  • Genre: Paranormal


The magical children aren't kids anymore. After their rescue from the Org, the evil company using the young ones for their powers, each of them was given the chance for a new, better life. Now a new threat is brewing, and danger is about to strike at them all.

Chelsea may be a witch, but at the moment, her only concern is making it through finals without flunking out. Living in a house with two guy-crazy girls plus the childhood friend who's in love with her doesn't make life easy. The last thing she needs is a delivery man--who's also a demon--stalking her.

Her friends think Rinu is so yummy, they ship packages to the house just to watch him deliver, but Chelsea's intuition is buzzing. She's certain he's an incubus when his magic begins to wear down all her defenses. She's determined to counteract his powers before he claims her heart and her body.

But there's an underground black magic cartel that's after Chelsea, too. Will Rinu turn out to be her saving grace . . . or will he be the tool they use to make her a part of their treacherous plans?