Filthy Little Lies - J. S. Cooper

Filthy Little Lies

By J. S. Cooper

  • Release Date: 2019-07-03
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
4 Score: 4 (From 20 Ratings)


He's The Man of My Dreams but He Doesn't Know I Have a Secret.

I met a man and I can't tell anyone who he is. I shouldn't tell you the things that we do. The things he does to me. The things I do to him. I shouldn't tell you that he's the love of my life. The sex is hot, the romance is real, the love is explosive, and the lies are going to shatter everything in both of our lives.

You see he doesn't really know who I am. And come to find out that I don't really know who he is either. We both have secrets. We both have hidden desires. And we're both about to go on the rollercoaster ride of our lives.

She's The Woman of my Dreams and I'll Do Whatever It Takes to Have Her

She was used to playing games. Fast nights, rich men, not falling in love. She never expected to meet someone like him. Someone who changed all the rules. Someone that made her wish she was different.


  • Filthy Lies

    By KCLong07
    Well if you want a holy crap that just happened book, read this! Just when you think you know what is going to happen, the book takes a crazy twist. This book is hot, steamy, crazy, mystery all rolled up in one. Not a normal JS Cooper books, but still freakin awesome!
  • 😳Whoa, nothing is as it seems📖

    By Nanab100
    Well, Filthy Little Lies wasn’t my favorite book by J.S. Cooper but in saying that, I couldn’t put it down. It definitely keeps you guessing what was going to happen next. Needless to say, it has plenty of mystery, intrigue and sexual Indiscretions. The book revolves around a diary which the writer is keeping her identity anonymous for varies reasons. Her name will be accidentally revealed later. (Saskia) It has two parts. Part one is the diary and its contents of Saskia and all her sexual escapades. Part Two is seen through Brad's eyes which is a small part of the book. All the characters are sexual deviants which includes Saskia’s not so much best friend, Natasha! Wow wow wow! I was not expecting the last chapter of Brad's story. I should have suspected he was capable of more! It still has me thinking of the last page! I guess in a twisted way Brad and Saskia got their HEA. Hum!🤔 This book isn’t for everyone. Definitely different. I read as an ARC reviewer.
  • Never sure what the truth is

    By lrea112
    This story kept you interested the whole time because there was so much going on, in fact once you thought you figured out a character it would change. The main character admits that she is kept by a man and likes a lot of outside sexual encounters which is ok by the man that keeps her but her exploits to get attention are extreme. You are woven into her story but everyone in the story is lying to her or each other or themselves which makes the story a bit of a who done it.
  • Amaze balls !!

    By kekita2
    Holy cow!! What did i just read? I went into this story not knowing what i was getting into. There are so many twist and turns. Just when i thought i knew where this story was going, bam!! Things would completely catch me by surprise. There’s so much drama, suspense, and of course lots of hot steamy erotic scenes. The main character admitting that she buoys being kept my men does not detour men from engaging with her. It’s just such a crazy way of making all the lies the characters say, make sense! You will definitely enjoy it! I was lucky enough to receive a ARC and i voluntary read this book.