Intentional Success - Brad Taylor

Intentional Success

By Brad Taylor

  • Release Date: 2018-12-11
  • Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship


<p><em>Intentional Success</em> is written for the aspiring entrepreneur, the business professional, the dreamer and the doer. Taken from actual life lessons, the book provides a real-world viewpoint on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. <p>The book addresses the typical struggles aspiring business owners encounter when starting, managing, growing, and maintaining a successful venture. It features a formula for success that embraces the key tenants of Persistence, Sales, Time Management, Goal Setting and Leadership while offering instruction on how to build an extraordinary small business. </p><p>Brad and Cathy Taylor provide a clear guide through the perilous journey that destroys over 65% of all new businesses. The Taylor’s share tools, practical applications, potent anecdotes and real-life examples of intentional success, when there is no “Plan B."</p><p>Joining the approximately 1.4 million businesses in the US that are run by married couples, their experience has empowered them to share practical advice on how to achieve a work-life balance while realizing the benefits of being in a business partnership with your partner in life.</p><p>The Taylor's have found success by adopting twelve intangibles presented throughout the book. These attributes and traits form a blueprint to prepare you for intentional success and guide you in your transformative journey. The twelve intangibles will help you become a better leader and in turn, lead you to your professional and personal purpose.</p><p>This book is for you if:<br><ul><li> You dreamed of starting your own business, but have a fear of leaving the safety of the current job.<li>You have stayed on the sidelines and watched other business owners skyrocket.<li>You’re already running a business but want to ensure you’re a success, and not a statistic.</li></ul></p><p>This awesome reference is a must read for anyone setting out to change their own world!</p>