The Mueller Report - Robert S. Mueller

The Mueller Report

By Robert S. Mueller

  • Release Date: 2019-04-21
  • Genre: Political Science


The Mueller Report with BONUS CONTENT!
The special counsel’s investigation into President Trump collusion with Russia has dominated the news channels for almost two years. The long-awaited report is finally here, now!
Besides the Mueller Report, here you will find the court documents filed by the Special Counsel against members of the Trump team. Also, a guide to the Special Counsel’s team investigating the possible collusion. 
To help you understand, even more, read the Ex-FBI Director James Comey’s DECLASSIFIED memos found here. 
The letters from the Attorney General Barr to the House and Senate regarding the Special Counsel’s report are here, compare the language of these letters to the Mueller report. 
There have been 3 statements of expenditures of the Special Counsel’s office since May 17, 2017, all 3 expenditures statements are found here.
Be well informed related to American politics, with the reading of the Mueller Report. One of the most important political investigations in American history. 
Only a few other reports have reached such a level, reports such as Watergate, the Warren Report, the Starr Report, and the 9/11 Commission Report. 
It is important for clarity you have the most related content together in one place, where the information has links, indexed and is searchable for you to draw your own conclusion without bias.