Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Strategy Guide -

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Strategy Guide


  • Release Date: 2019-05-07
  • Genre: Games


Take revenge, restore your honor, kill ingeniously. From Software return with another epic, take control of a Shinobi in a world teeming with larger than life foes utilizing an arsenal of deadly prosthetic tools and ninja abilities.

The guide for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice features all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring every Gourd Seed, Prayer Bead, Shinobi Tool and more. Including indepth strategies on every boss and all endings.

Inside Version 1.0

- Full Walkthrough of the main storyline
- Coverage of all Collectibles
- Trophy/Achievement Guide
- Coverage of all endings
- All NPC Questlines
- Details on all skills and Shinobi Tools