The Mueller Report - Robert S. Mueller & Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of Justice

The Mueller Report

By Robert S. Mueller & Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of Justice

  • Release Date: 2019-05-03
  • Genre: Political Science


Before the very eyes of the readers lie the results of a 17-month investigation into Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 United States presidential elections, allegations of conspiracy or coordination between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia, and allegations of obstruction of justice, conducted by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This edition includes the legislation behind the jurisdiction of a special counsel, as well as official notifications before and after the investigating:
Legal Grounds for Appointing a Special Counsel
The Jurisdiction and the Power of a Special Counsel
Alternatives Available to the Attorney General
Qualifications of the Special Counsel
Powers and Authority
Conduct and Accountability
Notification and Reports by the Special Counsel
Notification and Reports by the Attorney General
No Creation of Rights
Official Appointment of Special Counsel to Investigate Russian Interference With the 2016 Presidential Election
Letter From William Barr to Leaders of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees Notifying Them About Conclusion of the Investigation
Muller Report:
The Special Counsel's Investigation
Russian "Active Measures" Social Media Campaign
Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations
Russian Government Links to and Contacts With the Trump Campaign
Prosecution and Declination Decision
Executive Summary to Volume II
Background Legal and Evidentiary Principles
Factual Results Of The Obstruction Investigation
Legal Defenses to the Application of Obstruction-Of-Justice Statutes To The President