Wade's Dangerous Debut - Emily Mims

Wade's Dangerous Debut

By Emily Mims

  • Release Date: 2019-11-05
  • Genre: Gay



Everything in Wade Baxter's life is controlled and compartmentalized. To the world he's a laid-back, handsome, urban cowboy who's good at his job, is adored by his friends and family, and is the star of his city's community theater. But inside, a hideous dark lurks in the shadows of his psyche, and he cannot, will not let that ugliness show. When he meets Owen Aldrete, a man who's scars are visible – a former bomb squad cop who took a blast to the face - Wade is forced to confront his demons or he will lose the man he's fallen in love with, and he'll never get a lifetime to show Owen he's the most beautiful person Wade has ever known.