Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - Marcus Aurelius

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

By Marcus Aurelius

  • Release Date: 2020-04-05
  • Genre: Ethics


Meditations is One of the world's most famous and influential books and remains one of the greatest works of spiritual and ethical reflection ever written. Written by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 121–180), incorporates the stoic precepts he used to cope with his life as a warrior and administrator of an empire. Ascending to the imperial throne in A.D. 161, Aurelius found his reign beset by natural disasters and war. In the wake of these challenges, he set down a series of private reflections, outlining a philosophy of commitment to virtue above pleasure and tranquility above happiness. With a profound understanding of human behavior, Marcus provides insights, wisdom, and practical guidance on everything from living in the world to coping with adversity to interacting with others. Consequently, the Meditations have become required reading for statesmen and philosophers alike, while generations of ordinary readers have responded to the straightforward intimacy of his style.