Lani - LeAnn Ashers


By LeAnn Ashers

  • Release Date: 2020-12-08
  • Genre: Romantic Suspense
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 205 Ratings)


I ran away from Los Angeles to escape a crazy, obsessed fan. 

But when I came back home, I never fathomed everyone would hate me for no other reason than me just being myself. 

Then I met Vinny and Trey, my brother's friends who are also members of the Devil Souls MC. 

One single night, that's all it took for my life to change.

Two men, one of me. 

I'd finally found the missing pieces of my heart, and in two guys that would undoubtedly die to protect me. 

Unfortunately for me, running away didn't mean I'd escape. Crazy people are everywhere.

And then, he knocked on my door.

Once more, everything changed...


  • Lani

    By ereader26
    I’ve been following Leann Ashers for a few years now, and her books never disappoint. She only leaves her readers wanting more of her amazing writing. There is nothing better for us readers than opening a book and instantly being sucked into the story. This is exactly what happened when I read this book about Lani, Trey, and Vinny. They are a great addition to this series. I can’t wait for more of Leann’s writing!
  • Amazing

    By Manda❤️
    Lani, Vinny and Trey’s story was well worth the wait! I loved the story line and how we got to see so many sides to each of the characters. Lani brought out her feisty side, Vinny and Trey brought out their vulnerable and protective side. I think LeAnn also did a great job incorporating the problems that people in MMF relationships and people of the LGBTQ+ community deal with on a daily. And then we had that amazing moment with a young girl having body issues which really hit home. This story is full of love, laughs, suspense, heart stopping and heart breaking moments, and everything in between all combined to make one heck of a read. I can’t wait for more!
  • Loved

    By Mcruechick
    Applause Ms. Leann, Lani, Trey & Vinny were sheer awesome. Right from the start you are hooked into Lani’s life, and once Trey & Vinny see their woman, they are hooked. I’ll admit ménage aren’t my particular favorites, BUT OMG, what have I been missing! These three together were made for each other & just made sense right from the start. Every time I start a new book from this author, it continues to top the previous one, and will become my new favorite. Can’t wait until I can start my next book! An fantastic read, one click immediately, you will not be disappointed at all.
  • Lani is amazing!

    By Dparrott89
    Lani is my spirit animal. She is who I want to I want to be. No, she is who I want to go back in time and tell my younger self to be like. No again she is who I want my daughter to be. Someone who is confident in herself, who will look out for the little person and help someone no matter the circumstances. But just someone who sees the absolute good and light in the people they love and want the best for them. Now Trey and Vinny had me intrigued by them from Techy. I have been patiently waiting for them to have there own for book for what seems like forever. I knew they were together and wanted Lani with a Passion that is new to them all. So when Lani is sent home because of a situation that got way way way out of hand it’s time for them to show her they were made for each other and no one not even the demons from each other’s pasts will keep them apart. I just couldn’t put this down. I usually reread the serious so everything is fresh in my mind but I read this book went back and reread the series then read this book again. I have no regrets. From the start of this book I was hooked. I knew from what little glimpses of Lani I would absolutely love her and the Trey and Vinny I knew they would always be in my heart for life but this book hit me on a whole different level emotionally that I am still recovering from. I wanted to first hurt the people who hurt my Vinny then when the demons of the past comes to the present oh my goodness I uglied cried for what felt like hours. I will be destroyed when this series is over. Destroyed I tell you.
  • Great Addition To The Series

    By Aliwar1212
    I stopped working to read Lani, I thought that I would read a chapter or two and go back to work, boy was I wrong. Lani sucked me in from the first chapter. I laughed some I cried a lot Vinny’s story really touched my heart.. LeAnn once again you did not disappoint..
  • Welcome back to the Devil Souls!

    By Cassie Ashford
    Welcome back to the world of the Devil Souls! I have missed them so much! Lani, Trey and Vinny have been waiting I feel like forever to have their story come to life and I’m so glad they are here. Trey and Vinny are two men that just by looks you would have no idea they have the depth to them that they do. Of course they are hot alpha men but they both have so much more in their background that made them into the amazing men that they are that only the most special and important people know. Lani just happens to be the lucky lady that gets to know it all. Lani is helpless when it comes to them. They are like the strongest magnets she has ever felt in her life and she can’t deny what she is feeling. It’s crazy but she won’t deny it. No matter how short she may be with them. She has no idea that these men are determined to keep her forever. When danger comes lurking they will do everything to protect her and those they love. We get to see some of our favorite MC characters as well and who doesn’t love it when Shaylin gets involved! I love this whole world and I’m ready for more!
  • Love love love!!

    By LRH1022
    I’ve so been waiting on this book! Sometimes when you wait on a book with anticipation you can be disappointed when it finally is released - yeah, NOT an issue with this book, it exceeded expectations! I loved Trey & Lani & Vinny together. There is so much going on with them, from Lani’s career, to Vinny’s family, meeting Trey’s family, and then a glimpse into what’s upcoming. Wow! Totally amazing!
  • So obsessed with this author and this series!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    So obsessed with this author and this series! I really get so genuinely excited for LeAnn’s releases because her books are just so good! After going out on her own and establishing a successful modeling career, Lani realizes that she isn’t happy in that industry and job and decides to retire and return home. On her last shoot, her stalker takes things to another level and thankfully her brother and the MC are able to get her safely back home. Once home, trouble seems to find Lani there as well from members of a local cult. When she meets Vinny and Trey, she’s attracted to both of them and with the danger surrounding her she decides to take a chance on a life with them. This opens the storyline up to not only the relationship between these three but also Vinny dealing with his past and standing up for himself through rescuing his sisters and taking down the group that caused all his pain as a child. I couldn’t get enough of this book and the multiple stories that ran through it. I can’t wait to see what happens with Vinny’s sisters – I hope they get books in the future! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • great!!

    By SassyBany
    i really loved lani’s story with trey and vinny! i’ve been waiting so long for this and i can’t wait to read more from the grim sinners OGs soon to come !!
  • Love!

    By ljhall01
    I love this book. There were things I didn’t expect but that is what makes it sooo good. Expect all the feels - from anger, sadness, joy, everything!