The Complete Guide to Doberman Pinschers - Tarah Schwartz

The Complete Guide to Doberman Pinschers

By Tarah Schwartz

  • Release Date: 2021-01-15
  • Genre: Pets


The Complete Guide to Doberman Pinschers is the perfect book for anyone looking to purchase or adopt their first Doberman Pinscher. Intelligent, loyal, and athletic, Doberman Pinschers can be the ideal pet for the properly prepared family.

This book will give you the knowledge you need as you begin your ownership journey, covering topics such as:
Doberman Pinscher HistoryChoosing a Doberman PinscherPreparing Your Home for Your Doberman PinscherBringing Home Your Doberman PinscherBeing a Puppy ParentHousebreakingSocializing with People and AnimalsDoberman Pinschers and Your Other Pets
Doberman Pinschers fall in the working class of dog breeds and are well-known by professional dog trainers for their natural athleticism and drive. A highly intelligent breed full of energy can be a hassle for any dog owner! This is why The Complete Guide to Doberman Pinschers includes sections on:
Physical and Mental ExerciseTraining Your Doberman PinscherBasic CommandsDealing with Unwanted BehaviorsTraveling with Your Doberman
All Dobermans require the best of care to maintain their naturally sleek but substantial physique from puppyhood to old age. We cover all the basics so you will know all about what your Doberman Pinscher needs for nutrition, grooming, basic health care, and special health needs for your aging Doberman.

From the history of the breed from its days as an intimidating guard dog for the tax collectors of Germany, to choosing the perfect puppy and then caring for your older Doberman, The Complete Guide to Doberman Pinschers is your go-to resource for all things about "Dobie".