The Official MacGyver Survival Manual - Allain Rhett

The Official MacGyver Survival Manual

By Allain Rhett

  • Release Date: 2019-09-17
  • Genre: Humor


Handy (and often hilarious) hacks from the resourceful TV hero. Includes illustrations!

For over thirty years, the name MacGyver has been synonymous with astonishing feats of ingenuity, from fixing a car with nothing but water and egg whites to busting out of jail using a hairpin and a pair of repurposed handcuffs to, of course, saving the world with his favorite weapon, a simple paperclip. What you might not know is that every trick that the resourceful secret agent pulls off on CBS’s hit show has been tested and fact-checked by experts, and really works . . . most of the time.

No one is saying that you should craft a DIY airplane out of trash bags and a lawnmower engine. But with this book, you could. The first official how-to guide to the MacGyver universe, this book is packed with drawings and step-by-step descriptions of the hacks that made this character the world’s most resourceful secret agent. It’s lots of fun for fans of the new hit series as well as the classic show that started it all—or anyone who enjoys a bit of applied physics and clever problem-solving.