First Love - Sarah M. Cradit

First Love

By Sarah M. Cradit

  • Release Date: 2021-04-22
  • Genre: Paranormal


Dive into the secretive, ancient, powerful world of the Deschanels and Sullivans...

Five tales of first love, from New Orleans to Portland to the rolling highlands of Scotland.

St. Charles at Dusk follows the forbidden but powerful love story of Oz and Adrienne. Oz foolishly falls for his best friend’s younger sister, Adrienne, putting in motion a series of events that will upend the lives of both families forever. When Adrienne’s family is killed in a tragic accent in the bayou, Oz is left with all questions and no answers when Adrienne’s body is not among those recovered. Those closest to him insist his need to dwell on the past is killing him, but it isn’t until Oz finally accept she’s gone, years later, that he gets the phone call. It’s Adrienne. With no memory of anything, except a name. Oz.

In Surrender, a story that tales place years before the events of St. Charles at Dusk, Anasofiya ends up at the prom with one of her best friends, Oz, after her date rudely abandons her at the dance. What she initially sees as an act of mercy leads to a night that she will never forget.

Then, in Pandora’s Box, we meet Jasper and Pandora. Jasper is a peculiar young man from a peculiar New Orleans family, who’s interest is piqued by Pandora’s eccentric tastes and unusual passions—things frowned upon by her proud blueblood family. Their unlikely bond changes both their worlds forever, and a serious of tumultuous events will tear them apart and then, in an unlikely twist of fate, find them in the same city once more, this time Paris.
The Ephemeral takes readers to Portland where New Orleans native Autumn is attending college. Going to school so far from home was a bold and defiant choice, but it doesn’t lead to the serenity she was seeking. Her past and future will collide in an irreversible way when the mysterious Gabriel appears...
Finally, finish the collection with A Band of Heather. Colleen arrives in Scotland, eager to pursue her dreams of a life in medicine, despite her homesickness. She writes to her sister of the sweeping, gothic charms of Edinburgh, and the peculiar—and strangely familiar—professor’s aide, Noah, who dislikes her from day one. On a whim, Noah proposes a getaway to the Highlands for the holiday weekend and Collen accepts, against her better judgment, setting off a chain of events that will put everything Colleen knows into question.

Jump into the First Love set today and discover part of the magic of the world of the Saga of Crimson & Clover.