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  • The Horsewoman

    By super super jew
    Boring. No suspense, no excitement, no surprise. Rather a Disney movie. It seemed like two great authors came together and mailed it in. Do yourself a favor and read their other books.
  • Fairy tale

    By trsilvius
    This is a kid’s book. Everyone wins. Come on!
  • Good Read. Good Ride

    By JudeTheArtist
    Very much enjoyed this book. I briefly trained in show jumping and have seen enough horse shows that I could envision everything happening on the pages and loved it. I even felt tension and anxious while the riders were in the ring. I’m just curious - if one is not familiar with show jumping would this be as enjoyable a read? The riding is very prominent in the story. Anyway, I’m very glad I picked this book. Thanks
  • fantasy

    By faucetmaker
    unless your a horse rider this is not very interesting… and in the world of Jumping… its very unrealistic… mostly a child’s dream…the theory that the horses chip rails that dont fall… is too rare… and if the mom was in the pain as written… she would have fallen off her horse all the time…lots of fantasy..
  • Loved this story and the family characters involvement.

    By Serene 2021
    Even with one reviewer’s disappointment w/ wrong terminology earlier noted, I plowed through the book in under 2 days and loved every minute of it!
  • Not very compelling-money grab by authors

    By Coolguy02
    Not a well written story. Plot was not well structured as it weaved all over the place. Too many loose ends at end of book. Does Patterson even write anymore? It just past the time kind of read.
  • Writing Good so Far Horse Knowledge Very Poor

    By AZV
    Being a competitive rider and James Patterson fan, I really want to love this book so I am going to keep going with it but when a “she” is a colt not a filly and the mother of the horse was a mare not a dam it made me worry about the authenticity of the rest of the book. These are such basic mistakes. If it isn’t too late I’d highly recommend a equestrian editor fix the errors.
  • The Horsewoman

    By Book teacher
    Absolutely awesome! Read it in an afternoon!