The Complete Guide to Greyhounds - Tarah Schwartz

The Complete Guide to Greyhounds

By Tarah Schwartz

  • Release Date: 2021-09-01
  • Genre: Pets


Author Tarah Schwartz has written the perfect guidebook for any new Greyhound owner. Whether you've adopted an older Greyhound, or just welcomed a new puppy into your home, this book will answer every question you have about what it's TRULY like to live with a greyhound.

Covering topics like:
Preparing your home for a GreyhoundMeeting the unique exercise needs of your GreyhoundProperly feeding your Greyhound for optimal healthGrooming, foot care, and overall health careSocialization do's and don'tsBasic training and simple commands
Congratulations on the adoption of your new Greyhound! It's a special thing to be willing to open your home and heart to this special breed whether you're adopting a rescue or getting a puppy from a breeder.

Your Greyhound is a member of one of the most ancient breeds known to man. Known for over 4,000 years as amazing hunters and loyal pets, these dogs were loved by royalty in Egypt, Europe, and throughout the Middle East.

To be able to understand what your new greyhound is thinking and feeling will be like learning a new language. But what you will get is a loving companion and member of the family.

Caring for a Greyhound will include a lot of the typical care all dogs require but there is also breed-specific care all Greyhounds will need, and that is what is covered inside the pages of this book.

The agility and athleticism may have attracted you to this breed. Greyhounds can reach speeds of 40 to 45 miles per hour, making them the fastest breed in the canine world. Apart from their athleticism and speed, owners love them for their sweet and calm personalities.

Throughout this book with my personal knowledge, backed up with experience and research you will be taken on a journey on how to take care of your new Greyhound from day one, to the final moments where you will have a grateful, calm, old dog.