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  • Tempting love

    By Cher o
    Annie and her friends are part of a book club, she also runs a bakery. A tall, dark and handsome customer comes in every Friday and her cohorts in the club can’t figure why she doesn’t talk to him, Annie thinks he is way out of her league. In Tempting the Dangerous Tycoon Stavros Teresi is that man, and he is currently in a dilemma. A former lover, model Sylvia Latch has written a book claiming to know all of Stavros’ secrets. He is livid because he is a private person and hasn’t divulged anything this once again proves that women are not trustworthy. Meanwhile, Annie is facing a huge problem her night manager has embezzled money from her and she is livid! Stavros decides that he can help Annie with her financial issues if she helps him by having a fake marriage! Neither of them trusts the opposite sex so this will be an interesting arrangement. This is the type of story that draws you in and has you rooting for them hoping fake becomes real and hoping that the embezzler gets caught big time!