River's Escape: A Small Town Contemporary Western Romance - Leanne Davis

River's Escape: A Small Town Contemporary Western Romance

By Leanne Davis

  • Release Date: 2015-02-16
  • Genre: Western
4 Score: 4 (From 6 Ratings)


She only wants to escape her small-town life... and he simply wants her.

Ian is the Rydell brother that no one knows what he is thinking, or next going to do, especially the woman he has quietly loved for years. But now he's ready to implement the plans and dreams he has for the future of the Rydell River Ranch, and himself.

Plans which include Kailynn Hayes.

Kailynn has dreamed her entire life of escaping the small town she was born and raised in. Kailynn has no idea what Ian intends until one unexpected event changes everything between them.  

She starts to realize that maybe there is more in River's End for her, than she ever noticed or dared to dream about.

When she's given the chance to pursue a new and different life, she must decide if she is going to turn her back on what she's found with the most unexpected of men.

But how could she ever give up the life she's always wanted, just to go back to the one place she had been so desperate to escape?

But then again, how can she not?

Binge read this contemporary, western romance series, full of hot cowboys and family entanglements that is based around the Rydell River Ranch brought to you by small-town romance author Leanne Davis…

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