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  • Couldn’t put it down!

    By Shelby Lynn c
    I really enjoyed this book!
  • 🥰🥰🥰

    By amandax345
    Very cute!
  • Would somebody PLEASE turn this book into a movie?!?

    By ES the horror fan
    This is probably the best of the five books I’ve read by Nicholas Sparks! Sweet and very, very sad! I love Denise’s little boy, Kyle, as much as I love Taylor and Denise! Hey, Hollywood, grow a brain! Turn this into A MOVIE!!!
  • Love love love

    By Nene4-2
    Definitely a must read!! Once again Nicholas Sparks has done it!!
  • Prepare to cry!

    By Hdydohgudsuducivo
    Love this book! It made me laugh and cry!
  • The rescue

    By Close-by
    Very good reading
  • The Rescue

    By Jilly Jules's
    This is a very good book!! Thank you!! ~LMozeak
  • Great Read

    By Andrea Kate
    I was skeptical about reading this book because multiple reviews said that it was boring. This book is NOT boring. I thoroughly enjoyed every character (my favorite being Kyle). After reading, you will feel as if you are so close to the characters that you know them in your real life. You will go through a roller-coaster of emotions. I love a happy ending. Definitely worth reading.
  • I couldn't put it down!!

    By Toribosa
    Who ever says this is a bad and boring book had no taste whatsoever because one I read the first page to this I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!!! It's wonderful how Taylor and Denise fall in love and name their child after Mitch, Taylor's best friend who died in a fire while Taylor tried to save him, and how Taylor legally adopted Kyle after him and Denise hit married. Like seriously who wouldn't like this book
  • The Best!

    By Reaymikey
    This book was so good! i would not even listen to those who say otherwise.