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  • A book that makes you think

    By AnthonyG88
    There is a lot of valuable information in this book that makes you pause and think a lot. Using multiple examples throughout history keeps it interesting and better illustrates points made.
  • Get yourself a hard copy

    By 4342206
    Get yourself a hard copy. They are trying to water down the information with typos. 👁
  • Highly Recommend

    By Sean0215
    This book is a lot of things. It’s an analysis on power, and an analysis on what Greene believes to be our human nature. It’s rooted very firmly in historical and sociological analysis. Highly recommend
  • Please gift

    By hdkanzv
    Can someone please Gift me this book I’m need of self growth!
  • Five stars ⭐️

    By Saint Gunning
    Exposed weaknesses and strengths, all of which will be noted and improved. Awesome.
  • Fantastic compilation of information, stories, and fables.

    By Kanyon_Man
    You have got to love Mr. Greene’s hard work that shows in his usage of all types of relevant information and the method he uses to deliver it to the reader.
  • Price😳

    By Prana2012
    Why is this digital book the same Price as the paperback?
  • Life Changing

    By cbook99
    Just one of those books that once you read it,your outlook on the topic of “power” is never the same.
  • All time favorite book

    By Ranzelanz
    This book has officially become my all-time favorite book. The tactics inside can be implemented in all contexts of life such as social, career, personal etc...
  • ????

    By ???______
    ..... Like law 4 . I don't like to talk much .... But I feel as a sensei I must share this information with you all ..... This book will transform you mentally & spiritually , while causing you to evolve into a complete different being . . Your power will increase ten fold ..... There is allot of other abilities this book grants an individual, but I'm forbidden to speak on ...