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  • Great

    By Greg Adrian
    Very good. Hard to put down.
  • WOW!!!!!!!

    By Jnp 29
    When I first started reading this I was like, ok some stupid zombie book. As I got further, I was blown away with how well written and very smooth the story played out. Incredible how a writer can come up with something so fantastic and make it seem somehow real. Awesome read!!!!
  • Great book

    By Brock McAwesome
    Loving the Joe Ledger series. This could use another proofread though, there's some misidentifications made with characters (like the character 82 is randomly called 86 in a couple spots) and a few other small errors that make you need to backtrack to make sure you're following correctly. Again, great book though.
  • Brilliant, Superb, Intoxicating.

    By Drone67@Spring
    Nothing touches this story telling, it's a phenomenal concept, totally original and believable. Purely five stars. Beyond cutting edge. Very real characters of depth, passion and conflict. Mission directive clear, highly complex in building climaxes of action with more complex twists, yet realistically possible. A brilliant study of the inner battle of right and wrong when killing, the emotional and mental turmoil of adjusting to ones own actions, constructively. Many stories within to study our immediate life understanding. All martial / military soldiers need this hierarchy of support. Thanks Jonathan, don't stop the depth.
  • This diserves a metal

    By Gcxhfvvbjgg
    I'll put it in a few word IF YOU DON'T READ THIS YOUR LIFE IS INCOMPLETE Ps: most surprising story plot to this series
  • Dragon factory e-book errors

    By Karenakl
    The book is a fun read but the e-book is full of typo's and editing errors. Is that why it's half the price of a real book?
  • Prepare your imagination!

    By RealOG
    Maberry relies on the readers mind to visualize the fantastic mental images created by this book. Add to it an addictive storyline and in-depth character development, Dragon Factory makes an excellent second installment of the "Joe Ledger" series.
  • Amazing

    By cgmpowers
    Amazing book! I absolutely could not put the book down. Definitely a must in ones library. Cannot wait for the next book!