Intensity - Dean Koontz


By Dean Koontz

  • Release Date: 1996-01-13
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Score: 4 (From 164 Ratings)


#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • This ebook edition contains a special preview of Dean Koontz’s The Silent Corner.

Past midnight, Chyna Shepard, twenty-six, gazes out a moonlit window, unable to sleep on her first night in the Napa Valley home of her best friend’s family. Instinct proves reliable. A murderous sociopath, Edgler Foreman Vess, has entered the house, intent on killing everyone inside. A self-proclaimed “homicidal adventurer,” Vess lives only to satisfy all appetites as they arise, to immerse himself in sensation, to live without fear, remorse, or limits, to live with intensity. Chyna is trapped in his deadly orbit.
Chyna is a survivor, toughened by a lifelong struggle for safety and self-respect. Now she will be tested as never before. At first her sole aim is to get out alive—until, by chance, she learns the identity of Vess’s next intended victim, a faraway innocent only she can save. Driven by a newly discovered thirst for meaning beyond mere self-preservation, Chyna musters every inner resource she has to save an endangered girl . . . as moment by moment, the terrifying threat of Edgler Foreman Vess intensifies.


  • Captivating

    By juliaxorose
    My mother told me when she was pregnant with me she couldn’t finish this book due to the raw anxiety and suspense she’d experience whilst reading it. I thought she was exaggerating. I was very, very wrong. Incredible read.
  • Classic cat and mouse

    By K&B
    I seldom write reviews. Most pop fiction is so formulaic that if you’ve read a couple of dozen paperbacks, you’ve read them all. In my opinion Dean Koontz writes too many books, as do all the brand name fiction writers. But each author has a title or two that really stands out. For some reason, they really really stand out, head and shoulders above the rest. I think it’s because an inspired story and workable plot is harder to come by than good writing skills. For Koontz, many readers agree that Watchers is his best, Intensity his most taught. Koontz makes Intensity an exercise in the use of simple utility wording, a simple plot, with very little dialog, and does so without reading like an action novel, as the characters move about in a classic game of cat and mouse. All the book critic cliches abound here: I couldn’t put this book down, lost sleep, put off responsibilities, and I was sorry when there was nothing left to read.
  • Awesome

    By Patriotpride16t
    This book is the absolute best horror/thriller book I have EVER read! Hands down!! I read it 20 years ago, and have read 100's of books since then. Still the best!!
  • Intensity

    By Rocketgirl56
    This book is well titled. It IS intense; a real nail biter; one that cannot be put down. Except for several interludes of philosophizing, the action is fast and furious, and the story is imaginative and highly original. The ending is both shocking and very satisfying. Koontz outdid himself with this one. I enthusiastically recommend "Intensity" to those who enjoy books in the mystery/thriller genre.
  • Ugh

    By Sue in New Orleans
    Bored to tears. Excrutiatingly slow - 200 words when 20 will suffice. Get on with the story! The only reason I’m still reading is becuase I paid for it. I actually feel like a sucker for paying for this book.
  • Intense is an understatement

    By Myradar1962
    Felt like I was in the mind of a serial killer. The best book by Koontz so far.
  • Intensity

    By Mother of Pippin
    Absolutely the most terrifying book I have ever read.
  • Awesome

    By gomezale8
    Very very good book!
  • Intensity

    By captain1charlie
    Best Dean Koontz. Read it years ago
  • Yes!!!

    By awesome dudes!
    This book is outstanding. I have never liked reading and picked this book up and read a few pages; i was hooked! The suspense of not knowing what will happen next and his vivid detail deserve 5 stars alone!!