Carrie - Stephen King


By Stephen King

  • Release Date: 1990-05-01
  • Genre: Horror
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 692 Ratings)


Stephen King's legendary debut, about a teenage outcast and the revenge she enacts on her classmates.
Carrie White may be picked on by her classmates, but she has a gift. She can move things with her mind. Doors lock. Candles fall. This is her power and her problem. Then, an act of kindness, as spontaneous as the vicious taunts of her classmates, offers Carrie a chance to be a normal...until an unexpected cruelty turns her gift into a weapon of horror and destruction that no one will ever forget.


  • OMG

    By fluffy unicorn but
    Really good I read the sample and I really what to read the whole story but I can't
  • Horrorfying and sooo good!

    By DarthGabby
    I'm reading this book, I'm 7 years old, and it's amazing!!! One of my fav. Novels ever!
  • LOVED this book!

    By mjm11983
    I'm a huge King fan, and this was one of my favorites. Make sure to look up how King's wife Tabitha influenced him to write and finish Carrie. Very cool story.
  • A let down

    By Bored Freshman
    I'm not sure how to describe this book. It wasn't the worst thing I've read, but it wasn't the best either. Carrie is not something I would usually read, but I wanted to see the movie, so I committed myself to reading the book first. All of your feelings for Carrie are never fully determined. At first you pity her and then she makes you sick. The ultimate reason for reading a book is to get a reaction. However, I'm not sure I ever got one after reading this. It's such an odd novel with a good plot. My complaints with the novel were the boring news reports. I understand the point of having them, but most of the time I just skimmed through them. Also the ending didn't flow as well as the beginning. I finished Carrie in a day. It's a rather easy read for anyone who can get past the gore. I didn't find it very scary either, so it's very manageable. Over-all I recommend this book to anyone who's bored. I think everyone has to either read or see Carrie once. It's basically a classic.
  • Do it, BUY IT!!!!

    By _James101
    This book is the best book I have read so far. I love it. I'm reading it for the sending time now and I never get tired of it. Stephen King has created a masterpiece that deserves to be the best book in the world, and I'm 100% serious. If I could choose to read one book for the rest of my life it would be Carrie. I sort of connect to her and feel what she feels in life. I love it. 5 stars!
  • Carrie

    By Sydmaxx
    Watched all the movie versions, the book is better!
  • Fantastic!

    By Claudialola
    This book is marvelous! I found it peculiar the way that the author wrote and expressed the feelings and concerns Carrie, particularly, had. It made me reflect on past situations of mine where the knowledge I gained from this book would've been useful.
  • Timeless

    By Wiir deranged chickens 02
    I found something so unique about this story that, even against my better judgement and fear of the dark, I felt compelled to continue into Carrie's world. I was immediately drawn to her character, her rage. Some people might argue that supernatural elements in stories separate you from the emotion of things, but who could argue against the emotion of that prom night? She is a symbol of the scorned, a boon to the ignored. I can't help but applaud Stephen King for representing the faces at the back of the crowd. A must read.
  • Carrie Review

    By Irael Melendez
    All I have to say for this book is that it is amazing, fantastic and just plain AWESOME!😈
  • Carrie Review

    By Irael Melendez
    All I have to say for this book is that it is amazing, fantastic and just plain AWESOME!😈