Zero Day - David Baldacci

Zero Day

By David Baldacci

  • Release Date: 2011-10-31
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Score: 4 (From 2,498 Ratings)


Combat veteran and U. S. Army investigator John Puller is on the hunt for justice with the help of a homicide detective -- but as they face deceptions and dead ends, a powerful force threatens to stop them forever.
John Puller is a combat veteran and the best military investigator in the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigative Division. His father was an Army fighting legend, and his brother is serving a life sentence for treason in a federal military prison. Puller has an indomitable spirit and an unstoppable drive to find the truth.
Now, Puller is called out on a case in a remote, rural area in West Virginia coal country far from any military outpost. Someone has stumbled onto a brutal crime scene, a family slaughtered. The local homicide detective, a headstrong woman with personal demons of her own, joins forces with Puller in the investigation. As Puller digs through deception after deception, he realizes that absolutely nothing he's seen in this small town, and no one in it, are what they seem. Facing a potential conspiracy that reaches far beyond the hills of West Virginia, he is one man on the hunt for justice against an overwhelming force.


  • Meh

    By Aubs756
    I can see some similarities in this and some of his other main characters he uses. This was not my favorite. It wasn’t bad, but I prefer his Memory Man series.
  • Zero Day

    By Edissy
    I consider books in a similar way that I consider other "works of art". Whether it be a painting, a sculpture, a poem, a symphony, architecture or something else created in the mind of the artist, I want to be "impressed" in the true sense of the word. Zero Day is without question impressive. At the same time I must admit that while the plot was not exactly 100% believable, the book was 100% entertaining and a definite page turner. A great read delivered by a true artist.

    David, You hit it right on the nail for the ones that have lived though it.,It could not have been better writen. I believe it's deeper then that more personl that many could never understand. Only a chosen few. But that's what make's it a thriller!!!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Now you have captured two different audience's, All in one of the most biggest, real life story's ever! Well for someone.."ME". Sorry, i have to do say it but, it's to one of the commants left below. The time have come for us all to get out of our comfort zone, and get ready for what's to come.. Besides criticism one, for there deepest inter connections is a H _ _ _ OF A GIFT.. BLESS TO ALL!!!
  • Zero Day

    By Raptorman03
    Great read. Good story with a lot of action.
  • Zero Day

    By Brian Eugene Patton
    Good Book😎
  • Zero Day

    By Wolfhead9
    My kinda book. No mush...couldnt put it down. Thx!
  • Zero Day

    By Pnutsgma
    I have read many of Baldacci's books and loved them, the many twists and turns. About the time you think you have it figured out, you find something new. Although I enjoyed this book, I didn't find it to be as intriguing as his other books. I will read more with Puller as the,aim character since I do enjoy his adventures.
  • Great reading!

    By MJDav1s
    This book was a real page turner! Kept me on edge through the entire story. The characters were very interesting, and the plot was fascinating. I will recommend this book to my friends.
  • Zero Hour

    By Old Pump Guy
    David Baldacci introduces us to John Puller in Zero Hour. This guy, a CID agent, could be exchanged easily for Lee Child's Jack Reacher. Any fan of Reacher will feel right at home following Puller through this escapade. The remote location in West Virginia is a Reacher kind of place and the interaction with the locals is also typical. Even the rough action and problem solving methods are what you would expect from one of the Army's finest. This is a great story from a great writer and I hope we get pulled into more Puller adventures in the future!!
  • Non-stop action

    By Ray Yates
    Really enjoyed reading the book-once I goy started, I couldn't stop-looking to the next book