A Man Like Morgan Kane - Beverly Barton

A Man Like Morgan Kane

By Beverly Barton

  • Release Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary


The Protectors

The father of her child…


Morgan Kane was the baddest boy Birmingham society had ever bred. But years as a Navy SEAL had sculpted the hard muscles of his body and reinforced the wall around his heart. A heart that had once loved Bethany Wyndham. And a body that was unprepared for the passion that exploded between them on his return.

Bethany stood accused of murder…and she needed Morgan to find the real killer! Together, they would face whatever threats came her way. But only time would tell if they could rediscover the love they'd once shared…or survive the secret in Bethany's past.

The Protectors. Ready to lay their lives on the line, but unprepared for the power of love.