Don't Leave Me! - Nicole Wilde

Don't Leave Me!

By Nicole Wilde

  • Release Date: 2010-11-11
  • Genre: Pets
5 Score: 5 (From 5 Ratings)


Does Your Dog Hate to Be Left Alone?

Does your dog destroy things when you're away? Does he bark, howl, or have potty accidents in the house? Do you come home to a dog who is wild-eyed and panting? If so, your dog may have a separation issue. The good news is that the solution is right here! This book will guide you every step of the way to help your dog feel comfortable when left alone.

You'll learn about:

- The role of management, nutrition, and exercise
- Whether pharmacological intervention could help
- How to build your dog's confidence
- Creative management solutions
- Step-by-step behavior modification protocols
- Alternative therapies that can be invaluable
- How to put it all together in a customized plan

In addition, experts share real-life stories detailing how they handled separation issues in their client's dogs and their own dogs.

WINNER Silver Award IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards 2011!


  • Hope Exists!

    By Dana & Rufus
    This is a fantastic book. The author truly genuinely understands separation anxiety & how difficult & emotional it is as a loving owner(parent) to deal with. I read the book in one sitting! My anxiety because of my dog's anxiety had me wrecked. This book gave me hope. I approached the next day with a whole new attitude and actual tools to deal with my boxer. As I started applying the tools and overall idea that "this to shall pass and can be conquered" feeling the book gave me I have seen results almost immediately. I even contacted the author in hopes that I could get her as a trainer. Unfortunately the distance was a little too much & i was amazed at how helpful and personable she still was even though the possibility for me to be a client wasn't going to be possible. She still wanted to be in contact with me to see if there was any way she could help. She truly cares for the well being of animals & shows that in her demeanor & the professional advice she gave me. There is an overwhelming amount of conflicting books/theories/trainers about how to deal with separation anxiety. This book is concise and makes sense. It was so refreshing after reading so many books on training & contacting several professionals and getting no where. It truly gives you perspective and is useful for all types of dogs and levels of anxiety. After spending so much money on tactics that have be unsuccessful, this book is a steal. It gives everything you need without being too short or too long. It is invaluable & I refer to it on a daily basis. I look forward to more books from this author & recommend anyone who is struggling with their dogs anxiety (or like me your dog's anxiety has given you anxiety) read this book!!!