Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible - Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible

By Tim Gunn

  • Release Date: 2012-09-11
  • Genre: Design
4 Score: 4 (From 38 Ratings)


In the beginning there was the fig leaf...

and the toga. Crinolines and ruffs. Chain mailand corsets. What do these antiquated items have to do with the oh-so-twenty-first-century skinny jeans, graphic tee, and sexy pumps you slipped into this morning? Everything! Fashion begets fashion, and life—from economics to politics, weather to warfare, practicality to the utterly impractical—is reflected in the styles of any given era, evolving into the threads you buy and wear today.

With the candidness, intelligence, and charm that made him a household name on Project Runway, Tim Gunn reveals the fascinating story behind each article of clothing dating back to ancient times, in a book that reads like a walking tour from museum to closet with Tim at your side. From Cleopatra’s crown to Helen of Troy’s sandals, from Queen Victoria’s corset to Madonna’s cone bra, Dynasty’s power suits to Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible takes you on a runway-ready journey through the highs and lows of fashion history.

Drawing from his exhaustive knowledge and intensive research to offer cutting-edge insights into modern style, Tim explains how the 1960s ruined American underwear, how Beau Brummell created the look men have worn for more than a century, why cargo capri pants are a plague on our nation, and much more. He will make you see your wardrobe in a whole new way. Prepare to be inspired as you change your thinking about the past, present, and future of fashion!


  • Great introduction to the history of fashion

    By Clauki
    Tim Gunn's book is the perfect book to get some knowledge on the history of origins of garments. It is well written, funny and well documented. It includes a vast list of bibliography to further your reading of the subject. And best of all, it captures Tim Gunn's voice, you can almost hear him!

    By 700 Pages
    I love Tim, and he really comes through, with and in the book. A+
  • Haha

    By JJburke14
    I love it !!!!!!! Its totally fashionable and stylish. And project runway is the best.