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  • Great!

    By app freebies
    This is a fantastic book. Keep updating for free plz!
  • Informative

    By fbourd
    Better explained than the tips in iPhone.
  • Great book to save your time

    By Idonwhasjdsad
    A Lot of tips you should know in new ipad OS to improve your productive Speed; thanks ; I don't need to Search web ; almost everything include
  • What did I just buy

    By SnobbishHades
    I apologize to come off so stern or rude but I spent money and time to read this book. Everything I read in this book was not anything that I did not already know or could have just picked up in the pre-installed Tips app. I was expecting more.
  • RGracias es que

    By jcrxex
  • Very informative

    By angryWade
    This is a great book with lots of great information. I feel like I know my iPhone better after reading it.
  • Can't wait to use them!

    By JulieVdot2
    Can't wait to use the tips in this book. What a great, easy-to-follow read!
  • Super informative and easy to follow

    By Rachelway910
    The information about iOS in this book is amazing! So much content, and it is all explained in a way that's easy to understand. Typically when I'm looking for an iOS trick I'm forced to look through search results. It can get quite time consuming. Now I have all these tips in one place. I also love the layout of the book. It's very sleek and makes reading it easy. Images accompanying the tricks make them that much easier to replicate on my own.