101 Nights of Great Sex - Laura Corn

101 Nights of Great Sex

By Laura Corn

  • Release Date: 2016-02-20
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


NY Times Bestseller 101 Nights of Great Sex is the ultimate sex book for couples. Now, Author and Intimacy Expert Laura Corn has taken her Secret Sealed Seductions to a whole new level by splitting 101 Nights into 2 separate eBooks: One For HIS Eyes Only and one For HER Eyes Only. Featuring secret sections this bundle eBook is both the best value and the most exciting way to play! Because what game would be fun with just one player? Wink.

101 Nights in its original paperback contained 101 suggestively titled SEDUCTIONS, each sealed in their own Secret Envelope, complete with step-by-step instructions, tips, and “e-Teases.” With this new HIS + HER BUNDLE, this experience has been fully upgraded for the digital age. 

The way this e-book is divided means no peeking and no sneaking. Because surprise breeds anticipation, which is the KEY ingredient for successful, seductive hot seduction.

What you’ll get with 101 Nights of Great Sex - HIS & HERS Bundle!

1 For His Eyes Only e-Book + 1 For Her Eyes Only e-book so you’re getting 2 for the price of 1.

+ 101 Secret Sealed Seductions guaranteed to make your relationship sizzle. Including 50 for her + 50 for him and 1 special “graduation” seduction for either to do.

+ Links to send e-Teases (sexy graphic emails) that go right through your tablet or computer to your partner’s email thus keeping your partner’s blood flowing - to the right areas, that is!

+  Privacy and discretion so no one can possibly peek at what you’re planning, including your lover. (Because mystery is hot!)

+ Free gifts and discount codes for future e-Books… if you like GREAT SEX. ;)

+ Fully modern, interactive design that is easy to read and accessible via tablet, iPhone, or computer - making getting your partner turned on easier than ever.

What to expect from these Secret Seductions!
Besides a VERY satisfied partner…

The 101 Secret Seductions contained here come from some of the world’s most heart-stopping seductions. Show your lady just how delicious you think she is with Seduction #1 Honeylingus, involving little more than milk, honey, and your tongue! Yum, yum! Show your man how much you want to please him with the sensual bedroom secret that drove Marilyn Monroe’s lovers wild (and caused JFK’s toes to curl!) in Seduction #11 called “I Think I Made His Back Feel Better.”

And it just heats up from there!

Plus, the digital copy makes tantalizing your lover as simple as a tap of your finger tip. Links to sexy “e-Teases” are included to heighten your partner’s sense of anticipation. Truly like foreplay for the internet age, these tempting emails will set the stage for your night of great sex by dropping sexy little clues in your lover’s inbox. 

Enticed yet? Of course you are. Because this is the last book on hot sex you’ll ever need. Kiss the instructional “how to’s” goodbye, and join the millions of readers that have revitalized their sex life with this one-of-a-kind e-playbook for couples.

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