Power Plant Fundamentals - nHance Technologies, Inc., William T. Sneed & Rhonda Anderson

Power Plant Fundamentals

By nHance Technologies, Inc., William T. Sneed & Rhonda Anderson

  • Release Date: 2013-04-30
  • Genre: Engineering


Power Plant Fundamentals: Power Plant Overview, is the first in a fourteen-book series by nHance Technologies.  Power Plant Overview introduces the basic processes involved in generating electricity.  It begins by explaining the fundamentals of how different types of power plants generate electricity, then covers the major components for coal-fueled power plants: the boiler, turbine, and generator.  The book concludes by outlining the process of the power flow path, which involves transforming and transferring the electricity from the plant to the customers.

The Power Plant Fundamentals series provides a basic understanding of power plants by presenting an overview of what they do and how they work.  While the Power Plant Fundamentals series primarily focuses on coal fueled power plants, other plant types are introduced and the shared characteristics are applicable to virtually all types of power plants.  Interactive illustrations, various widgets, and section reviews are used throughout the series to provide a memorable, interactive, and user-friendly experience.