Evolving Parents - Telma Abrahão

Evolving Parents

By Telma Abrahão

  • Release Date: 2022-01-01
  • Genre: Parenting


In this book, you will find that, no matter how challenging the relationship with your children is right now, there is still time to change your reality.

Telma Abrahão addresses from the importance of self-knowledge to deal with children and having more emotional balance to a strategy to circumvent more challenging behaviors such as tantrums, difficulties in collaboration and lack of responsibility.
She also travels back to the parents' childhood and shows how moments from the past can be repeated unconsciously and profoundly affect the way they educate their children, in addition to addressing themes that are fundamental to strengthen bonds of love and connection with children and pre-teens and prepare them for life, by building important life skills.
The good news is that, despite the countless challenges, there are many alternatives for building a healthy relationship between parents and children.

There is no respectful education without an emotional re-education from parents and in these pages you will be able to understand exactly how this dynamic coincides.
Those who know her work can confirm how important it is. This book became a best-seller in Brazil just 4 months after its release and is helping thousands of parents around the world to deal with their children's behavioral challenges in a respectful way.