Hooligans - Matthew Walker


By Matthew Walker

  • Release Date: 2013-09-26
  • Genre: Historical


At the outset of World War II, German U-Boats sank 259 ships—most within sight of U.S. shore—and the only thing between them and the worst maritime defeat in U.S. history was the Coast Guard’s Corsair Fleet. Civilian sailors offered up their yachts and volunteered to stop the Nazi onslaught in this hastily formed reserve force. This is the thrilling story of four men and their heroic efforts to confront the enemy. Two aging world-class sailors, a businessman with ties to the underworld, and a young Coast Guard petty officer overcome adversity and the clash of personalities to take on the most advanced weapon put to sea. This is a story of human emotion at its extreme, a makeshift force put to sea out of desperation, that brings to life a chapter in United States history that is often over looked and under-appreciated. The fate of these four courageous men, the women they left behind, and an unprepared nation hang in the balance.