Sake: Guidance in Mixology, Pairing & Enjoying Life’s Finer Things - Carlos Batista

Sake: Guidance in Mixology, Pairing & Enjoying Life’s Finer Things

By Carlos Batista

  • Release Date: 2014-02-16
  • Genre: Beverages


The world of Sake is unknown to many. While not all people drink or even know of this traditional Japanese beverage, proper understanding of it and all beverages is needed to be a well-rounded Mixologist. Some could argue that Bartenders serve drinks, while “Mixologists” have a fuller understanding of the history of beverages, flavor profiles and how to best serve them. Mixologists create innovations in cocktails and culture, while honoring the history of the craft. Regardless of what you call yourself, there is always a need for greater understanding.

This book gives the standards of Sake, accompanied by its history, production methods, variances of the product, definitions, flavor & aroma profiles and how to pair different styles of Sake with various cuisines. Product knowledge is essential for bar and service staff to master their craft. However, keep in mind this is not a recipe book or bartender “how to”.

This book and others in the series are meant to lay the foundation of understanding for each beverage or service technique they describe. These books teach basic and advanced understanding; help individuals to discern flavor & aroma profiles, make the best recommendations with food or how to best mix a particular product, (in this case Sake) with other beverages based off flavors and textures. Mixologists & Bartenders are not born, they’re made.

For those not in the bar or restaurant field, we’ll give you a solid understanding to make the best selection for personal taste preference, read a Sake bottle label or to learn how to pair many varieties of Sake with different foods. You’ll make better choices and be able to differentiate options, without having to personally try everything out there. Word to the wise, stop drinking hot sake. If you want to know why, then read on!

Sake is indeed one of the finer things in life… all should enjoy!