Mel Goes to Hell - Demelza Carlton

Mel Goes to Hell

By Demelza Carlton

  • Release Date: 2014-07-30
  • Genre: Contemporary


The ultimate forbidden love – when Lucifer falls for an angel.

Luce and Mel unearth an age-old conspiracy behind his fall from Heaven which could doom their love for eternity. Yet in the deepest levels of Hell lies a secret that could hold their salvation.
Eternal damnation awaits any angel who descends into the Pit of Despair, but Mel will move Heaven and Earth to save Lucifer's soul. Armed with little more than the fury of a righteous angel, Mel will raise Hell in the name of love.
From the heights of Heaven to the depths of Hell, can love truly conquer all?

A tiny taste of what's in store:

"Heaven won't help you if you stand in my way. From HELL Corporation to the Pit itself. Now, more than ever, it's time for me to go to Hell."
With barely a gold shimmer in the air, she was gone.
"What do we do now?" Peter asked Michael.
"Pray," Michael replied. "I'd prefer to let a hundred demons into Heaven, with my blessing, than agree to let Mel go to Hell."
"Why did you let her go, then?" Peter persisted.
Michael's laughter was hollow. "Nothing can stop her from fulfilling her destiny. Not you, not me, not Raphael. Not even all the forces of Heaven combined."
"What about the forces of Hell?"
Michael closed his eyes in defeat. "We're about to find out, aren't we?"