A Student's Guide to American Political Thought - George W. Carey

A Student's Guide to American Political Thought

By George W. Carey

  • Release Date: 2014-07-29
  • Genre: Political Science


A concise overview of the competing political philosophies that have shaped United States history.

Who are the most influential thinkers, and which are the most important concepts, events, and documents in the study of the American political tradition? How ought we regard the beliefs and motivations of the founders, the debate over the ratification of the Constitution, the historical circumstances of the Declaration of Independence, the rise of the modern presidency, and the advent of judicial supremacy? These are a few of the fascinating questions canvassed by George W. Carey in A Student’s Guide to American Political Thought. Carey’s primer instructs students on the fundamental matters of American political theory while telling them where to turn to obtain a better grasp on the ideas that have shaped the American political heritage.